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EPG Navigating new laws webinar on demand

The world of work is constantly changing and keeping up with the latest employment laws can be a challenge, especially during times of transition. New regulations can impact everything from redundancy procedures to employee rights and benefits.

This insightful webinar will prepare you for what is to come including:

  • Paternity leave: Understand the changes to statutory leave and notice requirements.
  • Flexible working: Learn about day-one rights and revised response timeframes.
  • Carer’s leave: Explore the new right to one week’s unpaid leave annually.
  • Extended redundancy protection: Gain knowledge about the extended priority rights for specific groups.

We’ll explore key changes in employment law and how to adapt your practices to ensure compliance.

Sign up now to watch this insightful webinar on-demand and stay informed and up-to-date to minimise legal risks and create a more secure environment for both your business and your employees.

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