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People-first policies and legal compliance services

Solutions focussed employment law advice services that support a culture of employee engagement.

We simplify the complexity in employment law with contemporary, people-centric services.

Our employment law advice, policy and document services cover a breadth of needs, from TUPE to ED&I people policies, to culturally aligned handbooks and contracts.

We are proactive partners and work with you to ensure you’re ahead of the legal curve, your people policies and documents align with your culture, and your legal strategy meets the needs of today’s ever evolving workforce and legal landscape.

Halborns are without question the most impressive legal partnership I’ve experienced in my career. They understand our business, our culture and our strategy and this shows in the advice we receive. Halborns are a truly supportive and client-centric partnership.

HR DirectorMotorpoint PLC
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Our specialised document and policy services are designed to provide you with meticulously crafted documents that seamlessly balance legal requirements, commerciality and a people-first approach. 

From a purely legal playback to applying an ED&I lens to all of your policies, we can support you in ensuring your policies and documents demonstrate your culture and values.

Legal confidence

We review, redraft and write documents that combine compliance, commerciality and a contemporary tone. Carefully crafted documents offer you peace of mind that your business is compliant, inclusive, and meets the needs of the modern workforce.

People-centric approach

We identity gaps in compliance and missing commercial opportunities while keeping your people at the heart of everything. Our solutions prioritise the experiences of your employees and align with your employer brand, helping to create positive and supportive working environments.

Efficiency and consistency

Our contract and policy reviews help ensure your contracts and policies work in harmony and align with the needs and strategic objectives of your business. We get to know your organisation to ensure we deliver documents that support your unique needs and deliver consistency.

Contemporary People Playbooks

Company handbooks can be the first impression a new employee has of your business, so ensuring they reflect your culture is vital to improve onboarding experiences and set the tone. Our contemporary 'People Playbook' services reinvent company handbooks into culture defining engagement tools.

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Stay at the forefront of employment law with our specialised masterclasses. Whether you prefer remote or in-person sessions, our tailored approach ensures you’re well-equipped to navigate the ever-changing landscape of employment law regulations.

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