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Innovative services supporting business change

Technology and people services that transform ways of working during change, like redundancy, acquisitions and restructures, to improve experiences and outcomes for everyone impacted.

Simplifying the complexity in navigating business change is vital to enable HR to focus on delivering compassionate experiences.

We’re passionate about simplifying change processes to empower people to focus on supporting those most important in any change process – people. The impact of wide-scale change, like redundancies, contract variations, acquisitions and restructures, is significant, and managing the process with compassion improves the outcomes for those impacted, those involved in managing the process, and those who remain in the business. 

We offer a suite of tech-enabled services across the Empowering People Group that simplify processes in managing business change.

The AdviserPlus principles and ways of working have formed part of the footprint of change management within WHSmith going forward. We had a great working relationship with the AdviserPlus team who demonstrated lots of flexibility, patience, and super quick response times. We couldn’t have managed this change programme in such a short space of time without them.

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Meeting Manager by AdviserPlus is an innovative technology solution designed to empower HR professionals to shift their focus from administrative tasks to the people-centric aspects of their roles. This innovative tool streamlines the management of one-to-one consultation meetings, making them more efficient, compliant, and compassionate. Meeting Manager simplifies large-scale consultations and offers a range of benefits to organisations seeking to enhance their HR processes.

Reducing the admin burden

Meeting Manager by AdviserPlus streamlines large-scale one-to-one consultation processes, automating meeting scheduling, document management and progress tracking. This empowers HR teams to focus on engaging with employees and providing personalised support. It also empowers those managing the process to be present in the moment by reducing the admin burden.

Compliance, consistency and compassion

Ensuring compliance is critical for organisations during consultation processes. Meeting Manager incorporates built-in scripts, documents and communication templates that ensure consistency and compliance. This helps organisations minimise risk in the process and improves the confidence of those involved, enabling them to focus on compassionate conversations.

Data insights

Meeting Manager securely captures valuable consultation meeting data, employee feedback and outcomes while enabling HR to track progress in real time.

Expert note taking

We provide expert note takers to consistently and compliantly capture meeting notes and identify any red flags. This enables those holding the meeting to focus on having compassionate discussions without the burden of note-taking.

Compassionate support and advice icon

Navigating complex HR challenges and changes can be overwhelming. We offer compassionate and expert HR support services, providing access to a vast pool of HR expertise. Whether you’re facing a merger, restructuring, policy adjustments, or sudden workload spikes, our consultancy services are tailored to meet your needs, ensuring the success of your HR initiatives. 

Strategic expertise

Gain access to a vast and diverse cohort of HR experts with a wealth of experience across various sectors. Our team of over 200 HR professionals ensures that you have the right strategic guidance and support at your fingertips, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Efficient project resourcing

When facing sudden peaks in HR workload due to special projects or transformations, our services provide you with efficient project resourcing. We help you allocate resources effectively, ensuring that your projects are completed on time and within budget.

Risk mitigation

HR challenges, especially during periods of change, can expose your organisation to potential risks and costly mistakes. Our expert guidance and best practice advice help you navigate these challenges while minimising the risk of delays and compliance issues, safeguarding your business's reputation and financial stability.

Tailored support

Whether you require ongoing strategic support or assistance with tactical campaigns, our consultancy services are tailored to meet your specific needs. We provide the support necessary to address your HR challenges comprehensively, ensuring your organisation's HR function remains agile and adaptable in the face of change.

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During periods of significant change and transition, providing outplacement support is crucial for helping your employees successfully navigate the next steps in their careers. Our Outplacement services are designed to empower individuals with the tools and guidance they need to thrive in their future endeavours. We understand that each employee’s needs and objectives are unique, and our flexible approach ensures a tailored experience for every individual. 

Tailored support

We recognise that every employee's situation is different. Our outplacement solutions can be customised to meet individual needs, taking into account factors such as desired outcomes, length of service, and seniority. This tailored approach ensures that each employee receives the support that's most relevant to their specific circumstances.

Diverse service options

Our range of outplacement services is diverse and adaptable. Employees have the flexibility to choose the services that align with their preferences and requirements. Whether it's 1-2-1 coaching, digital learning resources, financial guidance, or virtual workshops, our comprehensive solutions empower individuals with support that suits their needs.

Personalised coaching

Individual 1-2-1 coaching is a cornerstone of our outplacement support. This personalised coaching provides employees with valuable insights, strategies, and feedback to enhance their job search and career development efforts. It's a highly effective way to boost confidence and improve job prospects.

Digital resources

Our SnapDragon platform provides digital resources to support individuals through career transitions. From CV support to interviewing techniques and training courses, individuals can access a wealth of resources to set them up for success in their next venture.

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Managing redundancies, restructures, or dismissals is a complex and challenging aspect of business operations. Our Redundancy Toolkits offer a comprehensive set of resources designed to guide and support you throughout the entire process.

Comprehensive support

Our toolkit provides you with all the resources and guidance you need to effectively manage individual redundancies, restructures, or dismissals. It ensures you have the necessary tools to navigate these difficult situations with confidence and consistency.

Settlement agreement support

When faced with the need for employee departures, reaching agreements can be sensitive and legally intricate. Our toolkits provide settlement tools designed to facilitate agreements, reducing the potential risk of costly and time-consuming tribunal litigation.

Risk mitigation

Navigating redundancy can expose your organisation to legal and reputational risks. Our toolkit includes expert guidance that help you make informed decisions, minimising the likelihood of legal challenges and protecting your business's reputation.

Efficiency and compliance

Streamline the redundancy and settlement process, ensuring you meet all legal requirements and timelines. By doing so, you not only save time but also ensure that the process is carried out in a compliant and ethical manner, promoting fairness and transparency.

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