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Empowering people to
reach their full potential

Innovative learning services that accelerate upskilling and employee engagement.

Empowering People Group is dedicated to personal and professional development.

We offer a suite of award-winning learning and coaching services across the Empowering People Group companies, from manager empowerment and mental health first aid to employment law training.

Whether through facilitated workshops, one-to-one coaching or digital learning solutions, we offer learning and development solutions tailored to your organisation designed to upskill and empower your people to reach their full potential.

People have been booking onto courses already and we’ve had so much positive engagement from staff with this new process, which I’m really pleased about. I think it’s going to change the way that we learn and evolve over time.

Stockton Borough Council
One-to-one coaching icon

Driven by the mantra that everyone needs a coach at some time, our transformational coaching services are designed to empower individuals to reach new heights of excellence. From developing future leaders to supporting working families, we help to release the incredible potential within everyone. We go above and beyond to create a culture of personal development within organisations.

Transforming organisations

Our expert coaching services upskill leaders, empower teams, and unlock people's potential, ultimately leading to a more prosperous and resilient organisation.

Enhancing performance

Through transformational coaching journeys that focus on self-awareness and helping individuals identify and connect with their strengths, we built confidence and capability.

Accelerating skills development

Our coaches provide targeted guidance to accelerate skill development. From leadership skills to problem-solving to effective communication, effective coaching helps to create a more adaptable and agile workforce.

Overcoming barriers

Tailored coaching sessions assist individuals in overcoming personal and professional barriers. Whether it's leadership challenges or personal growth barriers, we equip individuals with the tools and strategies needed to overcome them.

Leadership coaching icon

Today’s leaders need more than just skills and experience; they need a diverse set of qualities, including empathy, emotional intelligence, resilience, agility, relationship-building prowess, and the ability to create a culture rooted in diversity and inclusion. Our Executive and Leadership Coaching services are designed to empower leaders at all levels of your organisation. 

Leadership excellence

Our coaching equips leaders with the skills and qualities to excel in their roles. Leaders learn to navigate challenges with confidence, make informed decisions, and inspire their teams to achieve exceptional results.

Boost resilience

Our coaches focus on developing emotional intelligence and resilience in leaders. These qualities are vital for handling stress, building relationships and managing diverse teams, contributing to harmonious workplaces.

Influence and inspiration

We help leaders develop the ability to influence and inspire others. Through effective coaching, leaders learn to communicate effectively, build trust and motivate their teams, creating a culture of high-performance and engagement.

ED&I leadership

Our coaching emphasises the importance of diversity and inclusion at the core of leadership. We guide leaders in creating an inclusive culture that celebrates differences and unlocks the full potential of every team member, leading to innovation and enhanced business performance.

Mental health training icon

We deliver a comprehensive suite of mental health services that supports organisations to manage health and wellbeing proactively, minimise the risk of mental ill health in the workplace and help to promote and maintain healthy working environments.

Each organisation’s culture is unique and creating change around mental health is a complex task that requires a multi-tiered approach.  All of our course facilitators are mental health first aid instructors, accredited by MHFA England.

Mental Health First Aid

First Aid facilitated workshops designed to empower people within your organisations to provide the crucial first line support for mental health matters employees may face in the workplace. Accredited by MHFA England, our mental health first aid instructors ensure the highest level of expertise and support in this critical area.

Mental Health Awareness

Poor mental health is now the primary reason for employee absence. Mental health awareness training delivers the skills to help promote mental wellbeing and builds managers' confident in talking about mental health at work, building their capability in supporting colleagues experiencing mental ill health. The outcome is reduced sickness absence and a healthier, more resilient workforce.

High performing team workshop icon

Managers are key to the success of employee engagement strategies. They are uniquely placed to impact not just retention, but engagement and productivity, so ensuring your managers are equipped to effectively manage people matters is fundamental to business success. Our award-winning facilitated workshops empower managers to lead with compassion, enabling them to create a positive working environment where everyone can thrive.

Empowering managers

Upskill your managers to increase their confidence and capability to effectively address employee relations issues, resulting in more personal interactions that build loyalty and can improve employee retention.

Proactive issue resolution

Equip your managers with the capacity, capability and commitment to identify early signs of poor performance and well-being concerns, enabling proactive intervention before issues escalate into formal employee relations cases.

Flexible training options

Our comprehensive training courses are delivered in a variety of formats, including live, virtual, interactive sessions and onsite face-to-face training. Our experienced subject matter experts ensure that your managers receive tailored, top-notch training.

HR transformation support

Managers play a pivotal role in HR transformation. We assist transformation initiatives by preparing managers to be effective drivers of change, leading to a more streamlined and efficient HR transformation process.

Digital learning icon

We elevate employee learning experiences with our award-winning digital learning services. Our suite of digital learning tools and courses upskill employees and provide the resources and knowledge needed to excel in their roles.

Totara LMS Platinum Partners

Unlock your team's full potential with the Totara Total Experience Platform, an integrated suite of powerful e-learning tools. Users can easily navigate and access all the necessary tools and resources they need for learning, performance management, and engagement within one integrated system.

Digital Learning Hub

Elevate your employees' learning experience with our extensive catalogue of 300+ ready-to-go courses, meticulously curated to optimise the ROI of your learning budget. Choose courses that cover a complete range of business skills, from health and safety, to Microsoft 365, to DE&I, to Leadership Development – all online.

Bespoke digital content development

A team of expert digital learning content developers design and build creative online courses tailored to each client's unique learning needs. We also have an easy-to-use authoring tool that allows you to build, amend and curate your own courses without any programming knowledge – just a desire to craft brilliant courses for your people.

Simplifying Health & Safety

Accredited by leading organisations like RoSPA, IOSH, and SCIE, our award-winning H&S digital courses equip your team with essential skills for safe, efficient work. Employees can achieve compliance at their own pace, seamlessly integrating training into a busy schedule, without the need for costly away-days, saving valuable time and resources.

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