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Navigating the 2024 employment landscape

Empowering People Group aims to simplify employment law and provide practical advice and people-first policies, empowering businesses. We are proud to offer a unique approach, blending compliance and commerciality to provide solutions that make a real impact. As we prepare for the future, we are dedicated to keeping you informed and prepared to navigate the changing employment landscape.

One significant change on the horizon is the anticipated enactment of the Employment Rights (Amendment, Revocation, and Transitional Provision) Regulations 2023. These regulations will bring about substantial shifts in various aspects, including rolled-up holiday pay, and will take effect on January 1, 2024. Here is a comprehensive overview to ensure your preparedness:

  • Rolled-up holiday pay: From 2024, businesses can legally roll up holiday pay at a rate of 12.07% for part-year workers and those with irregular hours, providing greater flexibility for both employers and employees.
  • Inclusions in holiday pay: Holiday pay must include commission and other payments, such as overtime. This means that holiday pay costs will increase for those who did not factor in these components before.
  • Record-keeping requirements: There will be no obligation to maintain records for individuals working regular hours, streamlining administrative processes.
  • TUPE consultation: Consultations with employees for small TUPE transfers (those involving fewer than 10 employees) or businesses with fewer than 50 employees undergoing any size of TUPE transfer can now be conducted directly, bypassing the need for representatives.
  • EU case law: The incorporation of EU case law into UK law introduces some key provisions. For instance, all statutory leave can be carried over to the following year if not taken due to family-related leave. Also, four weeks of leave (statutory regulation 13 leave) can be carried over for up to 18 months under specific circumstances such as sickness or a lack of opportunity to take it.
  • Empowering you through change: We understand that these changes can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive support package to help you navigate the evolving landscape. Our Head of Legal has recorded a 30-minute update summarising all the upcoming changes and providing practical strategies.

We also have a concise reference tool summarising the changes available for direct download via email. Besides, our diagnostic tool will assist you in assessing the impact of the new holiday laws on your operations. Finally, our legal team is updating our documents to align with the impending changes.

Empowering People Group are committed to supporting you through these changes and beyond. Get in touch to find out how we can help your organisation stay empowered and compliant.

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