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What are the barriers to employee engagement?

Organisations rank employee relations as a higher priority than other critical HR functions, but investment in technology and transformation budgets is lacking.

Transforming employee relations can be truly business changing, improving people management and productivity, reducing sickness absence and enhancing employee engagement, but there are barriers to success. The research identifies:

1. Insufficient investment in fit-for-purpose HR technology
2. Lack of data-driven insights for strategic HR decision-making
3. Manager capability challenges that require learning and development.

We are delighted to share expert insights on these findings from Joanne Cartwright, HR Service Delivery Director at Royal Mail, an AdviserPlus customer. Joanne’s extensive knowledge of HR transformation and her thoughtful contributions have helped to provide a comprehensive perspective on the key findings.

Delve into this research paper to explore how conflicting managerial capability and budgetary barriers can impact efforts to transform employee relations. Discover effective strategies to overcome these barriers and optimise your HR ROI.

Download our 'Employee relations 2.0' research paper